A downloadable Cards of the Dead for Windows

Cards of the Dead - Prologue is a free standalone version of the game 'Cards of the Dead'. This is beginning of a story where you start on the outskirts of town. 

A zombie card game immersed in the horror of this post apocalyptic world.

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The infection is advancing by the minute and getting the vaccine is humanity's only hope. Do
everything in your power to fight off the hordes of zombies piling up in the streets to make
your way to the biological complex and retrieve the sample.

Live the story of Rick, Selena and Dan, three interconnected stories on which it depends to
get the vaccine to stop the infection.


  • Multiple weapons: Get all the weapons at your disposal to take out the undead, find everything from broken bottles to chainsaws, spiked bats, hunting shotguns, rifles, futuristic experimental weapons...
  • Survival strategy: Each level is a battle for survival, control your vaccine to avoid giving in to the infection while you stock up on food to recover your health and weapons to defend yourself, manage your turns using all the equipment at your disposal, binoculars, explosive barrels, tools, lanterns... and watch out for traps!
  • A nightmare story: Unravel the role of the survivors and how their lives are intertwined in the same destiny. Acquire the documents scattered throughout the game to learn more about each of them.
  • Zombie Hordes: Take on the army of the undead, explosive zombies, zombie dogs, zombie soldiers or zombie nurses are some of the creatures that have mutated due to the viral infection. Each creature has a strategy for attacking and defending itself. The zombie apocalypse will show you no mercy.
  • A flight forward: On your way, you will visit places in the twilight, Chaos in the city. The dangerous escape in the suburbs, the infamous experimental biological complex, supply shops, dangerous gas stations where a spark can blow everything up, and much more.

A deckland tales production.


Cards_of_the_dead_prologue.zip 56 MB


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honestly one of the best games on this platform that i have played i really like the fact that the zombie tranformation dosen't start from a bite but instead in the air. also like how the humans actually managed to make a vaccine. 

A really fun game with interesting unique mechanics that is really fun to play over and over again, the only thing that could use some work is the difficulty spike since you really pretty much in RNG to win in a certain point.