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Furwind is a colorful, pixel art style, action-platformer game that evokes the challeging classics of the old days. · By Boomfire Games


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Furwind on sale!
Furwind, his adventure has already began! Get Furwind 10% OFF! Just this week! Don't you know what Furwind is? In Furwind you'll be in the skin of a little fox...
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Trailer and official release of Furwind on 10/25/2018.
Furwind, his adventure begins on October 25 of 2018 It will come out for a price of 9.99 with a 10% discount applied as a launch offer. Don't you know what Furw...
Furwind is almost ready!
Hello everyone! We posted this in our facebook page the past september 27 “Hello everyone. The Boomfire team would like to apologize to everyone who have supp...
Furwind full release on September
After great efforts and dedication, we are proud to announce that Furwind will be available at the start of autumn of 2018. It has been a hard development and w...
Furwind bosses
Hello everyone! We have already shown these images in some sites, but we wanted to make it official like this. We are in the process of developing the bosses in...
Vote For Furwind at Thegdwc 2018
Furwind has been chosen for be one weelky winners at The game development World Championschip 2018 . Help us to get it! You can vote on the following here: http...
Korvo´s Mystic Shop
Hi everyone! We want show you the progress of shop in-game. Korvo´s Mystic Shop is a place which you can visit in any moment and buy upgrades for Furwind. Thes...
DevBlog Furwind. Selector Maps
Hi everyone! Since our last Devblog we have been focused in the development of maps/selector level. Today, we want to show you our work. We hope you enjoy it!!...
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Hello there! I did test out or check out the game demo. I'd say it's pretty bringing up the classic theme like SEGA game...
started by ourteamxvg Feb 15, 2018
2 replies
First off, had a blast playing, there was some rage points but rage does make a good game honestly, and tons of entertai...
started by Syphongames Aug 23, 2017
2 replies
This game has the potential to be one of the great platformers up there with all the classics. I really enjoyed the demo...
started by jdotplay Aug 21, 2017
1 reply
I tried playing the game and it runs at what seems like 10 times normal speed for some reason. Unplayable. I'm running W...
started by James Edward Smith Aug 13, 2017
3 replies
Upon downloading and launching the demo, the in game animations and overall speed runs about 4 times faster than they sh...
started by Zanzibar_Fox Aug 18, 2017
2 replies
Why is it when I touch the checkpoint the game will still send me to the start of a level? When I'm next to a wall the p...
started by sitebender Aug 17, 2017
1 reply
Any jokes I made were all in good fun. The developer did a great job with this platformer!
started by Raithias Aug 14, 2017
2 replies
Hey guys, love this charming little game. It plays well, and I like the way it feels like you're the slow one in the fig...
started by avfusion Aug 13, 2017
1 reply