Furwind is almost ready!

Hello everyone!

We posted this in our facebook page the past september 27

“Hello everyone.

The Boomfire team would like to apologize to everyone who have supported Furwind every day.

Some time ago, we announced the release of Furwind in September and we wanted it that way. We have waited until the last moment to tell you this, but, we definitely have to communicate that Furwind won´t be released this month.

As we announced, the game is at 100% finished, but we found some unexpected problems that we have to fix this before the release and, unfortunately, haven't been able to fix them yet.

We want a perfect game and a perfect experience for the player., but, being truly honest, we do it for the game, to be release in perfects conditions.

Thank you very much for your patience.”

The game will be released very soon on several platforms like Steam and, of course, on itch.io.

We want to say thanks for all support the itch.io community give us and apologize again to all people who is waiting for the full version of Furwind. We are working every day for Furwind come true


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