Korvo´s Mystic Shop

Hi everyone!

We want show you the progress of shop in-game.

Korvo´s Mystic Shop is a place which you can visit in any moment and buy upgrades for Furwind.

These upgrades are:
-Tough Heart: Improve your health to resist more hits from enemies.
-Endurance: Boost your stamina to hit more times.
-Seed seeker: Find seeds on defeated enemies.
-Shaklu´s gift: Increase the flights you can do.
-Eternal wind: Maximize your chances of not spending a charge when you fly.
-Koljin´s gift: Regenerate your health -Healing master: Maximize the probability of a greater healing.
-Torgha´s gift: Summon more will-o'-wisps.
-Fire dance: Do your magical companion to throw more fireball.

You can see the evolution of the shop in the following gifs



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