DevBlog Furwind. Selector Maps

Hi everyone!

Since our last Devblog we have been focused in the development of maps/selector level. Today, we want to show you our work.

We hope you enjoy it!!

Before talking about the maps, we wanted to show that we have implemented a small transition between levels and moments. What do you think?

As you already know, the game is divided in 3 episodes with several levels in each one. Each episode is represented with a different map and you must complete each map to complete the game

Sunny Map

Windy Map

Storm Map

Here you can listen the maps tracks

At the beginning of the game and each episode, you will only have unlocked the village of Furwind and the first level of Ruins, complete levels can unlock other levels until complete the map

Map Locked

You can always go back to a level after completing, to get more gems, complete achievements or just replay it

Back to level

Finally, we want to show you how the village would look like, in which Furwind will have conversations with his mentor: Whiteclaw

Furwind´s Village

See you in the next one! We hope you enjoy this devblog

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