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It is difficult to express in such few lines what Boomfire has experienced this past year. Although Furwind hasn’t been our first game, we feel it that way. 2017 was the year of endless coffees; long talks about game design; lots of hours spent pressing F5; the excited about the visits and new followers and, finally, the bitter farewells and cozies welcomes.

This past year has made us feel like we are not just a few persons locked in a room with our computers, but there is many people waiting for this game who visit us daily, who support us, and who have been as concerned as we are about Furwind to be a great game. And this has been our biggest New Year's present, because thanks to this support, we managed to win 5th place on the “Best games in development” in IndieDB.

We are in the final stage of Furwind's development, and we are as excited as we were at the very beginning.

We want to thank each one who have accompanied us on this adventure and, of course, the ones that will accompanied Furwind in his crusade against evil :p.

To the entire Itch.io community

To the entire IndieDB community

To the entire Mediavida community

To the entire Anait Games Community

To the entire TigSource community

To the entire Steam community

And, of course, to our followers in the social networks.

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