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Hi everyone!

In today's DevBlog we want to show you some powers that Furwind will acquire in his adventure and that will help him to overcome the difficulties that will be found throughout the different levels of the game. Let´s begin!

Furwind needs more power to face the wickedness of his world, so he has to overcome some tests that will give him the powers he needs to fight his way. Throughout the game, we will find ancestral temples that will test our ability to resolve it and as a reward will give us a useful power for the challenges that lie ahead


When Furwind arrives at these temples, he knows that he will gain new powers, but .... At what price? You will have to pass a test of the most bloody and complicated, to enter into a level of nightmare that, without a doubt, will be a great challenge.


Each time a level of nightmare is completed, Furwind will return to the temple and obtain one of the different possible powers: The wind, the heal or the will-o-wisp , which we show below respectively:




These powers make the game very dynamic with respect to the mechanics of our protagonist, but be careful, we will not always have access to them, we must manage the powers very well because they are not infinite. But its use can get us out of a bad place more than once.

Wind power


The feather gives our little fox the ability to fly in the air to reach places that, by itself, Furwind would not be able to reach. Also, if we found an enemy along the way, better than better, we will knock it down in a moment.

On the other hand, we can use the feather as escape: Many enemies on the road? Sort them in the air!

Power of healing


The egg is a simple power to use. Use it at crucial times when you are in your life. But try to use it as a last resort, it is not unlimited and there are many dangers to go through.



A little Imp will accompany Furwind when you called and will help him when he has to face multiple enemies or a more powerful one.

When you activate the Imp, you can throw fire at your opponents and defeat them from the distance. But like the other powers, the Imp will not always be with you. Use it when you really needed!

Finally, we want to show you the power bar where, so easily, you can manage the power you are active and the remaining charges.


This bar will appear in the upper right corner of the screen and shows (from right to left) the powers you have, the active power, and the remaining uses of that power. As shown in the gif, we can only have at most three charges of each power at the same time and of course, the powers do not share them, but each power has its own.

We can navigate between the different powers quickly by pressing one key and activate them with another. Nor can there be more than one power activated at a time. What happens if you run out of power? Do not be worry, throughout the game you get specific loads of each power. But be careful, you can run out energy really quickly.

Hoping you enjoyed this diary. See you at the next one!

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