Beware The Jungle

Hello again!

Today we bring you a very important devblog for us, as we will deal with the jungle levels, where it has taken us longer to develop and is the part of the game in which we are most fond of. To say that, although almost complete, there are still visual and decorative aspects to be introduced.

We hope you like it!

The Sunny Jungle

We don't want to stop in the sunny jungle because we've shown enough information about it. Besides in the demo we have available you can see what will be in these levels for the most part.

You can download our free demo in

The autumn jungle

Background Autumm

These are the levels after the sunny jungle. We were going to leave the background for these levels and change the sunny effect for a wind effect, but we thought it is visual aspect this way more..."autumn" would be better and more achieved.

At these levels Furwind will meet jungle enemies and current jungle enemies. We see two examples of autumn jungle enemies:

Now the shaman moves through the air and his magic is more precise.

Shaman cloud

On the other hand, bears are even more furious, you can tell them apart by a more striking color and be careful, when they see you will come after you quickly.

Furious Bear

For this demonstration we have used the power Will-o-Wisp, if you want to know more about the powers you can visit our previous devblog about the powers

We have not yet introduced the new background in all our game files, so the demonstrations have a different background color. Here we show you how the autumn fund would look like

In the jungle levels we will face the enemies of the previous jungle and the current jungle. In these levels the number of enemies increases considerably. Can you get over it?

The Storm Jungle

BackGround storm

This is the last and most dangerous level of jungle. Here we will find a big number of enemies that will prevent us from get our objective. We will have to use our best abilities to pass these levels.

Here we've introduced new enemies and some….trap. Be careful where you step.

The wild plants we will find them sleeping peacefully, jump on them can be very effective. Watch out when they wake up!

Wild Plant

We have introduced traps into the game, we thought the levels would be much more dynamic and dangerous.

Here are some examples:




The hornet's nest is another jungle miniboss, the goal is to destroy all its glands before the wasps outnumber us. (Still Developing)

Hornet´s Furwind

This is roughly what you will see in these two levels of jungle, although there are still some surprises that you will have to discover.

See you at the next Devblog!

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